Attic Ventilating Fans

Air that gets trapped in your attic can reach temperatures well over 125 degrees. That heat finds its way into your home, causing your air conditioning to run, increasing the load, which means increasing your electric bill.

About Attic Ventilation from Energy Star

Bath Fans

Damp walls and steam can create mold and mildew.  Not only is it unsightly, but it can be unhealthy.

The simple solution is an exhaust fan.  However, an improperly sized fan will not do the job.  Our experienced technicians can determine the proper size fan for the room. There is a wide variety of fans to choose from.

Fans with nightlights and heat lamps are just a few of the options.   We install top quality quiet fans.  We will also install a homeowner provided fan.  Call today for your free estimate.

Energy Star Fans use 65% less energy than standard models.