Telepone / Data / Cable TV

The cable and satellite companies will not snake wiring in and install the cable wiring in an aesthetically pleasing way. They just don’t have the time or the ability. They will simply drill holes through the side of your house and run the wiring along the surface where it can be seen, inside and out.

Have you checked out the phone company rates lately? They charge in 15 minute increments at rates that add up to almost quadruple the hourly rate of a licensed electrician.

Why hire a company that only does one type of wiring, when you can hire a professional company that will install the wiring in your house in the neatest way possible.

The Bayberry Electric Company can reconfigure existing wiring, or install new wiring to meet your current needs and changing technologies. We can install a hard wired, or wireless network system, or combination of both.

When it comes to installing wiring in existing conditions nobody takes as much care in your home and with your belongings as we do.