Service and Panel Upgrades

Are you considering installing central air and have been told your existing service size is inadequate?

Bayberry Electric can provide you with an estimate to increase your service size or determine if your existing service is adequate.  Know the facts before you spend the money.  We can also provide an estimate to change from an overhead service to an underground service, eliminating those hanging power, telephone/cable TV wires running above your yard.

Perhaps your existing panel is just full and you need to upgrade your current panel, or add a sub-panel.  Bayberry Electric’s expert staff can help you decide, which one your home will benefit the most from.

From our Angie’s List reports:

Description of work: Upgraded to 200 Amp Service and installed lighting fixtures including recessed cans, ceiling fixtures, attic lighting and fluorescent fixtures.

Member Comments: Bayberry is a very well-run firm. Gary and crew are punctual, competent and accommodating. They do what was agreed to when they said they would do it. In addition to Gary's expertise, Barbara provides timely and considerate customer service in the office.