Dimmer switches and lighting control

Looking for an easy way to add atmosphere and style to your home and save money at the same time? The Bayberry Electric Company recommends you replace your old light switches with modern dimmer switches. Today’s new dimmer switches not only look great on your walls but also offer an array of features. Plus, their energy-saving efficiency will help lower your utility bills, too.

With a dimmer switch, less is more—more money, that is. Dim your lights by a quarter, you increase your energy savings by 20 percent; dim them by half, increase your savings 40 percent. You also extend bulb life up to 20 times when you dim a bulb halfway.

Dimmer switches come in a large variety of colors and styles. Sleek, functional, economical; no matter how you add it up; dimmer switches not only help beautify a home, but save energy, too.

Change the effects of your lighting with dimmers and save energy too!

Lighting Control

  • Automatic timers that control your lights can save you money and give you a sense of security.
  • Automatic timers will turn your lights on and off while you are on vacation, or just out for an evening. 
  • Coming home late does not mean coming home to a dark house.
  • Automatic switches can turn your outside lights on and off at set times, from a key fob, hand held remote or motion/vehicle sensor. With current technology the possibilities are endless.
  • Feel safe lighting up your outdoor area and save money by not having the lights on all the time.