Roof and Gutter De-Icing
Ice dams and icicles can cause extensive and costly damage to roof and gutter systems. Bayberry Electric can install self-regulating heating cables for roof & gutter de-icing are installed on roofs and placed inside gutters and downspouts to create and maintain drain paths for water. The cable automatically adjusts the heat output based on the surrounding temperature to reduce energy consumption.

One of our many customers found out that their homeowners insurance did not cover water damage from ice melt. Sure, the house "structure" ... walls, ceiling, etc. was covered, but NOT the contents – the dining room table and chairs were ruined by water that ran down thru the chandelier!

  • We are a Nuheat registered installer.
  • We will come advise you on what will and will not work for your situation.
  • We cannot install these systems while the ice is still there.
  • Call or e-mail for an appointment.

Installations start at $2000.00